Evaluating calorie intake for population statistical estimates (ECLIPSE)

Can we improve self-reported estimates of energy (calorie) consumption?


The 2016 ‘Counting Calories’ report highlighted a disparity between self-reported calorie intake in official statistics and UK obesity levels. The report shows that calorie intake decreased while obesity levels have risen. Even when using best practice data collection methods, it’s recognised that under-reporting in dietary surveys means that calorie consumption estimates are likely to be underestimated.

Our work

The Evaluating calorie intake for population statistical estimates (ECLIPSE) project is part of a program of work, set up by the Government Statistical Service (GSS) in response to the findings. Our aim is to describe the error in self-reported estimates of energy (calorie) intake.

What’s the data science?

We’ll be doing some exploratory analysis investigating the use of the doubly labeled water method to estimate the error in self-reported data. Our role at the campus is to explore using new data sources to improve the quality of information produced in official statistics

What’s the impact?

Exploring the error in self-reported calorie intake measures using a sample of bio-metric data will help us recalibrate data from surveys. We’ll also enable policy-makers to better understand the public health issues and the public to be better informed by producing more accurate data.

Our partners

We’re working on the ECLIPSE project in collaboration with the ONS Health Analysis team.

If you’re interested in learning more about this project or would like to get involved then you can get in touch via email or twitter.