At the Data Science Campus, we pride ourselves in collaborating with experts from various fields and organisations to deliver data science for the public good. 

We work with experts from various UK and international organisations including academic institutions, commercial  and third sector organisations and other National Statistical Institutes (NSIs). 

We collaborate on a wide variety of initiatives including, but not limited to, data science: 

  • capability building 
  • research         
  • data sharing  

Below are some examples of past collaborative projects between the Data Science Campus and other organisations: 

If you are interested in collaborating with the Data Science Campus and want more information, please email or visit the innovative research collaborations page on the ONS website.

Please note that we are funded by public money and are required to be fair and open in our work. We are unable to help individual organisations with their commercial activities and, if we require any services from a non-public sector organisation, we will go out to tender – please do not contact us to sell your companies’ work. We collaborate with organisations strictly for the purposes of achieving our goals.