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Updated on 07 March 2023

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About the faculty

The Data Science Campus faculty equips learners across the UK government and public sector with leading-edge skills in data science. From trainer-led introductory workshops to self-study learning resources and bespoke advanced programmes.

We use evidence-based practice and the latest developments in software and data science techniques. We continually revise our learning resources in response to stakeholder requirements and learner evaluation, so we can stay up to date with the rapidly evolving landscape of data tools and technologies. We develop our course content for the needs of individual learners and public sector organisations.

Learning curriculum

Our current catalogue makes use of e-learning and self-learning formats. The learning curriculum is delivered via the Learning Hub with a range of self-learning courses, including:

Programming basicsIntroduction to R or Python  
Best practice and reproducibilityUnit testing
Modular programming in R or Python
Introduction to Git
AnalysisStatistics in R or Python
Command line basics
Introduction to Machine Learning in R or Python
Introduction to Natural Language Processing in R or Python
Intermediate Natural Language Processing in Python
Introduction to PySpark
Foundations of SQL
CommunicationData visualisation in R or Python  

You can access the course materials from the course catalogue. If you are interested in a Learning Hub account, please email to the faculty team.

Learning journeys

Our learning journeys are comprehensive training programmes, providing a clear route for learners to develop data science skills from beginner through to advanced practitioner level. Each journey presents a clear approach to become competent within one of the following data science specialisms:

Instructor-led programming workshops

Our Programming for Analytics workshops offer lecturer-led sessions in Introduction to Python and Introduction to R. If you are interested in these workshops, you can sign up as an individual or on for behalf of your department or team.

To join the waiting list for these courses, please email the faculty team.

Delivering the Data Science Graduate Programme

The faculty delivers the curriculum for our Data Science Graduate Programme. This is a unique opportunity to develop sought-after data science skills. It is aimed at talented individuals with a passion for data and enables individuals and organisations to build their skills and help shape the future of data science in the public sector.

Tailored bootcamp training

We offer tailored bootcamp training plans for organisations, departments or teams. To register your interest, please fill out the technical training request form and we will be in touch.


We are happy to discuss your training needs with you. To book a course or organise a training course tailored to your needs, you can: