Data Visualisation Learning Journey 


Effective data visualisation is impactful, insightful and engaging. Well-considered charts can open the concepts conveyed in your data to a broader audience. Poor design and over-complex graphs can leave your audience confused, resulting in limited insight. Effective visualisations can replace reams of report text, leaving more space to discuss valuable insight instead of describing apparent trend. Part art, design, science and programming, an expert in data visualisation will bring context to your numbers, broaden your readership and increase the visibility of your organisation’s work. 

This learning pathway will introduce learners to best practice in data visualisation and teach them the programming skills required to create high quality visualisations that are accessible, and meet GSS standards, in R and Python. 

Learning outcomes

Learners should be able to create:

  • Effective data presentation 
  • Data visualisations that meet GSS accessibility requirements 
  • Publication-ready visualisations to accompany reports and inform policy 
  • Effective storytelling with data 

Pathway detail

This series of courses provides learners with opportunities to learn how to produce professional data visualisations.  The learning journey begins with introductory data visualisation modules for learners who are newer to the programming frameworks. It then progresses to dedicated data visualisation courses where customisation, branding and accessibility requirements are further explored. GSS data visualisation best practice equips learners with the skills necessary in producing publication-ready visuals. Mapping with leaflet in R helps analysts to transfer their visualisation skills in ggplot to interactive mapping. 


No prior knowledge is needed to take part in this pathway.

Courses in this learning journey

This pathway can be completed using either the R or Python programming languages.

Data Visualisation Learning Journey in R

Course name Skill level Duration
Introduction to data visualisation Beginner 1 hour
Introduction to R Beginner 2 days
Data Visualisation in R Intermediate 12 hours

Data Visualisation Learning Journey in Python

Course name Skill level Duration
Introduction to data visualisation Beginner 1 hour
Introduction to Python Beginner 2 days
Data Visualisation in Python Intermediate 12 hours