Payments Data for Public Good

The latest update on our work with Barclays exploring if aggregated and anonymised card transactions data could provide significantly quicker, more granular insight into UK consumer spending.


Our International programme leads and influences the role of data science, ensuring that it becomes an integral component of a Global Statistical System that works for all National Statistics Organisations (NSO).

Data Science Accelerator

Are you a public sector analyst wanting to develop data science skills? Applications for the Data Science Accelerator programme are open until 6 August 2020.

Data Science Graduate Programme

Our dedicated Data Science Graduate Programme offers a unique opportunity to start a career in data science. Applications are open now.

Data Science Campus Faculty

The Data Science Campus Faculty equips practitioners across the UK public sector and internationally with leading-edge skills in data science.

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Inspiring the next generation of girls in data science

On International Day of Girls in ICT 2020, Harriet Sands talks about her journey into data science, what it’s like to work as a data scientist in government and how she would encourage a younger version of herself to get in to data science.

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