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Data Masterclass for Senior Leaders

The Data Masterclass helps senior leaders across UK government, the public sector and devolved administrations put data and evidence at the heart of their organisation.

MSc in Data Analytics for Government

The MSc in Data Analytics for Government (MDataGov) is a joint initiative with our academic partners across the UK equipping public sector employees with the skills required from a modern public sector data analyst.


We’re looking for talented Delivery Managers to work with skilled teams of data scientists and developers, making sure our innovative data science projects deliver value.

Economic Data Science Series

The Economic Data Science Seminar Series is being relaunched online, bringing together economists and data scientists to showcase work and explore the potential for future development in this discipline.

Individual CPD modules from the MDataGov programme

Our university partners are running a selection of the MSc in Data Analytics for Government (MDataGov) modules online as standalone courses for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in July and August 2021.

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