Government Data Science Festival 2022

At Government Data Science Festival 2022, we considered ‘The Future of Data Science for Public Good’. We’ll have Festival resources available shortly, and are inviting you to have your say through our ManiFESTo.

Worker shortages: A window on labour demand during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

The UK’s exit from the European Union created uncertainty about workers across a range of sectors, exacerbated by concerns over workers leaving the country and the impact on labour supply. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic created additional and sudden changes, with sectors being affected heterogeneously and demand switching from services to goods.

Evaluating synthetic data using SynthGauge

Data synthesis is an active area of research for many organisations, including the Office for National Statistics (ONS). SynthGauge is a Python library that provides decision-makers with a range of metrics and visualisations for evaluating synthetic data.

Predicting cattle camp locations in South Sudan from Sentinel 2 satellite imagery

Cattle are central to many people’s livelihoods in South Sudan, but there are very few recent data on the number of animals and their geographic distribution. Building on previous work, this blog explores new methods, based on convolutional neural networks, that can better distinguish cattle camps from similar landscape features.

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