Learning and development

The ambition of the UK Government is to have one of the most digitally skilled populations of civil servants in the world. The Data Science Campus plays a key role in this by building public sector data science and AI capability through a range of learning and development programmes, delivered both directly and in collaboration with key partners in ONS, the Government Digital Service, industry and academia.

Together these programmes form a Learning Pathway and support a Career Pathway that guide government analysts as they develop their careers in data science.

Most of these programmes are open to any UK public sector analyst, and more information on individual offerings is detailed below. If you are interested in any of these programmes, contact details are provided with each description.

Learning Offerings from the ONS Data Science Campus and Partners


Course/Programme name

Awareness Art of the Possible
Data Science seminar series
Big Data and Data Science Explained
Awareness of New Coding Tools
Working (Undergraduate) Level 4 Apprenticeship in Data Analytics
Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship in Data Science
Introduction to R
Introduction to Python
Data Science Accelerator and ONS Data Science Academy mentoring programme
Practitioner (Graduate) Introduction to Natural Language Processing
Data Science with R
Python in Spark
Data Science Graduate Programme
Masters in Data Analytics for Government
Individual modules from the MSc in Data Analytics for Government (MDataGov) programme
Expert (Post-Graduate) Alan Turing Institute – programme of events
Data Science seminar series

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Teaching Civil Servants to code
Department for Transport (DfT) R Cookbook
Udemy – Reproducible Analytical Pipelines
BBC Datalab – Data Science and Machine Learning course
International collaborations Data science capability for Africa
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