Learning and development

The Data Science Campus is at the heart of leading-edge data science capacity building with public sector bodies in the UK and abroad.

We equip analysts with the latest tools and techniques, giving them the capability to perform effectively in their roles. We also work in partnership with organisations to ensure they have the capacity to develop their own data science skills in the long-term.

Our evolving range of programmes reflects our focus on using data to drive innovation for public good.

We aim to provide tailored development interventions that are underpinned by the UK Statistics Authority strategy “Statistics for the public good”. We will:

  • adopt radically new approaches to ensure our research led, collaborative relationships inform the developmental schemes we offer
  • be ambitious as we innovate using technology
  • ensure inclusivity in all that we do, creating a diverse environment where innovation will flourish
  • build sustainability of data science capability amongst our partner communities

Our programmes provide analysts across the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the UK public sector and international partners with a developmental framework to build capacity and enhance analytical capability.

Data Science Campus Faculty

The Data Science Campus Faculty sits at the heart of Campus capability and equips practitioners across the UK public sector and internationally with leading-edge skills in data science.

The Faculty supports many Campus capacity building stakeholders and programmes. This includes designing and delivering training plans, programmes and mentoring for public sector bodies, our graduate data science programme, the cross-government Data Science Accelerator and international partners.


Our International programme supports the implementation of data science, ensuring that it becomes an integral component of a Global Statistical System that works for all National Statistics Organisations (NSO).

We lead and assist others with the development of globally accepted data science standards and frameworks, providing professional training and project mentorship. Our work is supported by the ONS FCDO Data Science Hub. Established in 2019, the Hub’s focus is using data science to make more effective development progress in low and middle-income countries as they work towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Data Science Accelerator

The Data Science Accelerator gives analysts from across the UK public sector the opportunity to develop their data science skills through mentoring.

Data Science Graduate Programme

Our dedicated Data Science Graduate Programme offers a unique opportunity to start a career in data science with highly valuable work experience and a two-year tailored learning pathway.

Degree Data Science Apprenticeship

Offering a unique opportunity to work at the heart of data science while studying for a BSc degree with a university in England and Wales, the Degree Apprenticeship is an exciting opportunity to get into the world of work, earn money and become a qualified data scientist.

Master’s in Data Analytics for Government (MDataGov)

A collaborative project between the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and academic partners across the UK. The MDataGov programme aims to build advanced data science capability by equipping civil servants with the skills required from a modern government data analyst.