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Paving the way for accessible data science training in the public sector 

A large-scale accessibility audit of many courses and presentation templates on the Learning Hub and the ONS website in 2021 revealed many accessibility issues that would impact users of screen reader technology.
In this blog post Jake Marshall talks about the process I developed and why this project is important not only to the Campus, but to him personally. 

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Bitesize data science for kids

In 2020 and 2021, when schools were delivering their lessons on-line and parents were home-schooling it was a very difficult time for many. So, during National Apprenticeship Week 2021, we wanted to help ONS staff by giving them some time back while we taught their children some data science.

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Graduate Induction Week

In 2021, our highly successful Data Science Graduate Programme has been expanded across the UK pubic sector. We have offered 50 places on the programme, located in 10 public sector organisations. 25 places were offered to new graduates, selected from 511 applications. An additional 25 places have also been offered to 25 analysts already in posts, who want to significantly increase their data science skills.

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Our International programme leads and influences the role of data science, ensuring that it becomes an integral component of a Global Statistical System that works for all National Statistics Organisations (NSO).

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