Data Visualisation in R

Version 1.0

This course introduces students to the grammar of graphics and building a plot using ggplot2.

Course objectives

Students will become familiar with how a plot is built using ggplot to learn to customise and create different plots.

Learning objectives

  • Be familiar with how to construct a basic plot using layers in ggplot;
  • Understand how variables in the data are used to determine aesthetics of the plot;
  • Be familiar with the concepts of tidy data;
  • Understand the connection between different geoms and the type of plot they produce (e.g. geom_line, geom_point);
  • Understand how to customise a plot using labs, theme, facet.

Course type

Online learning – not available

Independent learning – not available

Face to face – available

Skill level



To discuss booking this course for remote delivery, please contact the Data Science Campus.