Bringing university expertise to you

Last week we delivered the Masters in Data Analytics for Government (MDataGov) module “Introduction to Machine Learning” at the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Titchfield, in collaboration with Oxford Brookes University. This was the last of six week-long MSc modules run at ONS sites in 2019.

We are proud to have trained more than 200 civil servants from 20 government departments since last year, making the module series a great success.

Experts with extensive experience in data science and statistics deliver to students using an interactive teaching approach. Modules are fully booked months in advance and students’ feedback has been very positive. Here is what some of our most recent students have said:

Data Visualisation, January 2019

“I only had a very limited knowledge of R prior to starting this module but I now feel quite confident in my ability to produce visualisations using the R language”.

Introduction to Machine Learning, June 2019

“The structure and flow of the course was great. The lecturer did a great job to tie in previously learnt equations and topics. I enjoyed doing the practicals after each day as they challenged and tested my own understanding”.

Building on the success of the past two years, we are again offering civil servants the opportunity to study individual modules from the MDataGov in the 2019-20 academic year.

2019-2020 modules programme

The modules schedule for the 2019-20 programme is detailed below and will again be delivered by Oxford Brookes University at ONS (subject to demand).

ONS Newport
Week commencingModule titleStatus
20 January 2020Advanced Machine Learning (P08821)Delivered
18 May 2020Data Visualisation (P08825)Cancelled
8 June 2020Time Series Analysis (P08815)Cancelled
ONS Titchfield
Week commencingModule titleStatus
20 January 2020Intro to Machine Learning (P08820)Delivered
18 May 2020Advanced Machine Learning (P08821)Cancelled
22 June 2020Data Science Foundations (P08801)Cancelled

The closing date to apply for modules running in January 2020 is Friday 29 November 2019.

The cost per module is £425 so please discuss  funding for your studies with your line manager and budget holder before applying. For further information and to apply please see the module descriptions and application form.

Further information is available for the full MDataGov programme.