Case studies from Graduate Data Scientists

Arif Ali

Graduate Data Scientist, Office for National Statistics (ONS), Data Science Campus

I came to the scheme with a degree in Geography (Geocomputation and Spatial Analysis) with geospatial analysis skills in Python and experience in using GIS software.

As a naturally curious person, the sheer breadth of projects within the Civil Service excited me as I knew I would be able to interact with different data science domains. As someone beginning their career, the graduate programme’s focus on learning and personal development also attracted me.

I am currently working on a COVID-19 project exploring a hotspots risk model. I have also volunteered to analyse case studies for the Data Science Campus faculty to provide input into the machine learning course they are developing.

I have become a more confident programmer through the graduate programme, and I have learnt a lot from the programme lecturers and the people I’ve worked with. This has helped me to develop my data science skills in new domains, such as machine learning, at pace. I will continue to develop my programming and professional skills over the remainder of the programme, and it is a great investment in my future data science career.

Rowan Hemsi

Graduate Data Scientist, Office for National Statistics (ONS)

The graduate programme appealed to me because I wanted the opportunity to experience a variety of different data science projects within the public sector.

I had completed an undergraduate degree (BSc) in Mathematics at Durham University, and a Master’s (MSc) in Data Science and Analytics at Cardiff University and came into the programme with a good foundation in statistics and data visualisation, as well as basic Python and R programming skills.

Throughout the programme, I have gained confidence and built on the practical skills needed for a data science project. I have worked on building the Office for National Statistics’s (ONS) capability in distributed data processing and analysis and used text analysis to automate occupation and industry classification for the Census.

I also had a fantastic opportunity to go on a secondment to 10 Downing Street to work on visualising and communicating data and statistics for senior politicians and advisors.

I have now been promoted to a Data Scientist role in the Government Statistical Service’s Good Practice Team.