Data Science Graduate Programme Curriculum

The Data Science Graduate Programme curriculum provides a robust and exciting learning pathway designed to consolidate existing analytical skills. Our experienced lecturers work closely with graduate data scientists and stakeholders to continuously review and improve the content of our curriculum, ensuring our training materials are engaging, relevant and effective.

The aim is to provide you with a range of tools and experience in applying them, ensuring that you can make impartial, pragmatic analysis, using the most appropriate software or technique in working
towards given success criteria.

Please note that the exact content and sequence of training delivery is regularly reviewed and improved.

Year one

During the first year of the programme, the modules cover the following topics:

Intro to Python / R
Command line basics
Introduction to Git
Clean code
Data viz in Python / R
Statistics in Python / R
Introduction to RAP
Reproducible reporting using RMarkdown
Modular code
Unit testing
Machine learning in Python / R
NLP in Python / R
Quality assurance of predictive modelling
Introduction to Geospatial for data science
Foundations of SQL
Introduction to Pyspark / SparklyR
Group and individual projects

Year two

During the second year, you will attend organised events, workshops and seminars to stimulate and encourage further learning. Monthly sessions focus directly on developing experience and knowledge in relation to the Data Science Competency Framework.

The framework includes the following competencies: 

  • Programming and build 
  • Data science innovation 
  • Applied maths, statistics and scientific practices 
  • Ethics and privacy 
  • Developing data science capability 
  • Delivering business impact 
  • Data engineering and manipulation 
  • Understanding product delivery

You will work on specific technical projects that use your learning from the first year and also build vital professional skills through team work and collaboration.

Contacting us

For any further queries please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Alternatively, you can email the Graduate Programme team or visit the Data Science Graduate Programme page.