Data Science Campus Seminar Series

The Data Science Campus seminar series is a friendly and informal space for the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and cross-government data science community. The seminars aim to highlight cuttingedge data science techniques, discuss projects and reflect on the challenges within data science.   

We host speakers from across the ONS, other government departments, academia, industry and more. A list of previous speakers is available this page.  

The seminars will run once a month at 2pm on Microsoft Teams. Seminars will be followed by time of discussion.  

Getting involved

If you would like to present at the Seminar Series, please contact the Data Science Campus, with “Data Science Seminar Series” in the title, an abstract of your talk and a short bio.

Upcoming seminars

You can register for upcoming seminars using Eventbrite.

More seminars will be announced soon.

Previous seminars

Presentation slides from some previous seminars are available by contacting the Data Science Campus.

Date Title Speaker
11 May 2021 Using Data Science and AI to address Domestic Abuse and COVID-19 in Humanitarian Settings

Alice Piterova, AI for Good

Billy Zhao, AI for Good Simulator


5 May 2021

Mapping vulnerability in a pandemic


Mike Page and Dr Matt Thomas, British Red Cross
20 April 2021 Rules for building formal models that use fast-and-frugal heuristics, extending the psychological study of classification to the real world of uncertainty.  Dr Özgür Şimşek, University of Bath
16 March 2021 Recomp sustained value extraction from analytics by recurring, selective re-computation.  Professor Paolo Missier, Newcastle University
24 February 2021  Dark Data: Why What You Don’t Know Matters Professor David Hand, Imperial College, London
17 February 2020 Network Time Series Guy Nason
26 February 2020 A few consultancy studies by Geolytix Neil Farricker and Christoph Mulligann
30 January 2020 Managing Gender Change Information on Immutable Blockchain within GDPR Imtiaz Khan
11 December 2019 Intro to Complexity Science and Complexity Economics Tom Wilkinson
4 December 2019 Using alternative data sources to produce consumer price indices Liam Greenhough and Lefteris Karachalias
6 November 2019 Some applications for Spatial Network Analysis: transport, accessibility, health, communities, economics and classification of regions Dr Crispin Cooper
23 October 2019 Conception X Entrepreneurship Programme: Turning PhDs into Venture Scientists during their Degree Dr Riam Kanso, CEO of
Conception X
9 October 2019 Outlier Detection for Census Frantisek Hajnovic and Alessandra Sozzi, Office for National Statistics
25 September 2019 Unlocking Potential – Exploring Talent Management in the Data Science Campus Alison Adams, ONS Data Science Campus
17 July 2019 Using Machine Learning to predict survey variables onto an admin dataset Emily Tew, ONS Data Science Campus
3 July 2019 Faster indicators – an example from Public Health Roger Morbey, Public Health England
19 June 2019 Making text count for Macroeconomics: Insights from High Frequency, Naturally Occurring Big Data Arthur Turrell, Bank of England
22 May 2019 Building Skills for DAP Isabela Breton
15 May 2019 How complexity and big data can resolve the crisis in economics Doyne Farmer, Institute for New Economic Thinking, Oxford Martin School
26 April 2019 Accelerating Digital Health Sciences through Advanced Informatics and Analytics for Clinical Excellence (ADVANCE) Hongfang Liu, Mayo Clinic, USA
10 April 2019 bibInsight: Making sense of research, and planning for the future Karen Tingay, Swansea University
27 March 2019 Evolutionary dataset optimisation: learning algorithm quality through evolution Henry Wilde, Cardiff University
26 March 2019 Casting Vector Time Series:  Forecasting, Imputation, and Signal Extraction In the Context of Big Data Tucker McElroy, US Census Bureau
20 March 2019 IT Infrastructure for a Data Science Campus David Pugh and Craig Pritchard, ONS Data Science Campus
14 March 2019 AI and Business development at Stena Line Lars Carlsson, Head of AI at Stena Line
30 January 2019 Analytics applications to financial regulation Isobel Seabrook and Marek Biernacki, Financial Conduct Authority
22 January 2019 Using Deep Learning for automatic identification of non-agricultural land covers in parcels from aerial photographs and radio frequency interference noise locations on sentinel-1 radar images Sanjay Rana, Rural Payments Agency
16 January 2019 Optimus – turning free text lists into hierarchical data Gareth Clews, Senior Data Scientist, ONS Data Science Campus