Jeremy Rowe

Lead Data Scientist

Jeremy is a Lead Data Scientist at the Data Science Campus, having joined the ONS permanently in July 2018.

Jeremy oversees our economic insights workstream, which uses novel data sources and data science techniques to create new, granular and timely economic statistics and analysis.

He has worked as part of the ONS’s efforts to develop more real-time indicators of the economy and society, harnessing new data sources, for example VAT and ship tracking data.

Prior to joining the ONS, he worked as an economist at the Bank of England, providing analysis for the Monetary Policy Committee. He worked on a range of topics including GDP forecasting, trade, household debt and inflation expectations. During his time at the Bank of England he built experience in survey design, data visualisation and data science techniques.

He is interested in building and analysing large and innovative datasets to generate new insights, which support policy makers and the public in their decisions.

He holds a BSc and MSc in Economics from Warwick University and University College London respectively. He has also been involved in projects with the Economics Statistics Centre of Excellence.

Outside of work he is involved in a local church and enjoys playing 5-a-side football and tennis.