Jasmine Latham

Jasmine Latham

Lead Data Scientist

Jasmine is a Lead Data Scientist at the Data Science Campus. She holds an EngD in Hardware and Software Co-design with University of Glasgow, an MEng in Electronic Systems Engineering with University of Manchester and a certified Data Science and Big Data Analytics with Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Before joining the Campus, Jasmine has worked in the defence sector for 15 years. She has delivered many complex projects and programme from £1 million to £24 million, applications ranging from national security, counter terrorism, experimental campaigns in highly regulated environment, organisational transformation, to rolling out state-of-the-art system at enterprise level.

Jasmine has led multidisciplinary team of over 70 people and won company awards. She has established international partnerships to leverage domain knowledge expertise.

She is currently leading the data science research delivery for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Jasmine is interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence from regression, classification, clustering, neural networks, probabilistic graph models, natural language processing, recommendation systems, features engineering to data visualisation.