Ceri Regan

Senior Programme Manager (International)

Ceri has over 18 years’ experience of designing and delivering analytical and data science training programmes within the ONS. In her current role, Ceri supports data science capacity building through the provision of consultancy and potential solutions to other National Statistical Organisations. To date, Ceri has provided direct support to the National Statistics Institute of Rwanda (NISR) and the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) through the provision of scoping visits and workshops to engage senior leaders in discussions around the development of data science capacity.

Ceri is also an active member of the UN GWG Task Team on Big Data on Training, Skills and Capacity Development, leading on the development of the UN Big Data Readiness Assessment and NSO Big Data Maturity Matrix, plus contributing to the UN Big Data Competency Framework and UN Big Data Training Curriculum.

Ceri holds a BSc in Geography from the University of Swansea, a Master’s in Social Statistics from the University of Southampton and a PGCE from the University of Nottingham. Prior to her career at ONS, Ceri was a Secondary school teacher in Swansea and Botswana, Southern Africa.