MDataGov Symposium 2019

Education, learning and development are at the heart of The Campus’s aims. In 2018, 32 students registered on the Masters in Data Analytics for Government (MDataGov) which is a collaborative project between the Data Science Campus, ONS Learning Academy and academic partners across the UK.

MDataGov students engage in a wide variety of data science and analytics projects, utilising tools like distributed computing platforms, natural language processing, machine learning and advanced statistical modelling.

To mark the two-year anniversary of the Data Science Campus, staff and current and former MDataGov students attended the second annual MDataGov symposium in Manchester to look back on a wide array of projects. The Symposium hosted presentations and discussions on the Government’s data science challenges and how MDataGov students have applied their new-found skills to face them.

If you would like copies of any of the 2019 symposium presentations, please contact the Data Science Campus.

Solange Correa Onel Opening presentation
Anthony Fitzroy How to acquire 2 billion records of data and make It accessible for data scientists
Fatima ChiromaEnhancing the detection of potential threats using machine learning
Harrison Davies Using R Markdown to automate Historical Census management information
Jamie Stainer ONS data science pathfinder programme: Better outcomes through predictive analytics
Joshua AbramskyUsing optimisation to estimate flow of funds matrices for the United Kingdom
Julia ClarkJulia Clark – A brief History of (my) Time…as a guinea pig at Brookes – and how it got me a job
Katie DavidsonWhere did you come from, where did you go, where should you go to treat that broken elbow: A tool exploring proximity to and demand on health services
Martin WoodConstructing a topic modelling/clustering, validation & summarization pipeline
Dr Soumaya MauthoorOverview & application of hawkes process
Yuliagnis Transver WijayaUsing Exploratory Data Analysis method for an early warning in Indonesia’s earthquakes disaster
Rhonda HypoliteRegression (Linear and Logistic):  What makes a good model and more