The Art of the Possible

This is a 2 hour bite-sized taught course, aimed at senior managers across the ONS, government and in other organisations. The course explains what new tools and techniques are covered by Data Science and the opportunities they present, so that leaders can provide a clear vision for their staff.

The course explores what data science is, how it is being used in government and explores the issues and challenges around building the data science approach and tool-kits into your own teams. It will demystify the jargon and provide some practical tips about tools and technologies (and share what is different about them). It will consider the “data science mindset” and discuss what it means for the way we work. The course will also explore how others across government have used data science to improve outcomes.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • understand general views of how data science and analytics are revolutionising the way we process and analyse data;
  • understand core concepts in data science (What is “data science”, “machine learning”, “natural language processing” etc.) and how these techniques are being used today in government;
  • consider how data science introduces different tools and ways of working, and explore how managers with data scientists in their teams can best support them to add value; and
  • be able to explain some common misconceptions.