Version controlled RStudio projects

Version 1.0

RStudio has the ability to use version control for R projects using a very easy to use graphical interface. In this course we will introduce how RStudio has integrated Git version control into its interface.

This allows developers to efficiently track changes in their code over time and effectively collaborate with a team of programmers. This course explains how to use the Git workflow to revise and track changes to an R markdown document, ultimately publishing your own version to web.

Course objectives

Learners will be able to use RStudio’s integrated Git features to improve their ability to track changes and collaborate in their code.

Learning objectives

  • Learn how to use the Git workflow to improve your version control & collaboration;
  • Manage the Git workflow right from the RStudio IDE.

Course type

E learning – Available

Self learning – Not available

Face to face – Not available

Skill level

Intermediate R user.


To discuss booking this course for remote delivery, please contact the Data Science Campus Faculty.