Version Control with Git: Github

Version 1.0

Publications that make the used code available have generally higher impact than publications where code is not available. One important tool for code quality and code sharing is a version control system (VCS). A version control system is a tool that manages changes made to the files and directories in a project. Git, together with GitHub, is one such VCS tool.

Course objectives

Learners will be able to use Github to create, manage and collaborate on projects.

Learning objectives

  • Use Git in their workflow;
  • Use a selection of important Git functions to manage their workflow;
  • Make adjustments to repositories with version control;
  • Unify different versions of the same document.

Course type

E learning – Available

Self learning – Not available

Face to face – Not available

Skill level


Other information

This course is under review and a new version will be available soon.


To discuss booking this course for remote delivery, please contact the Data Science Campus Faculty.