Automated Report Production with R

Version 1.0

R is a powerful tool for data analysis and, when coupled with RStudio, the reproducibility feature of coding is further enhanced. Using RStudio and literate programming it is possible to automate the production of reports, replacing tedious and non-reproducible practices of copying and pasting.

Course objectives

R users will improve their skills using R markdown to produce automated reports based upon their analyses. Learners will understand how to ‘parameterise’ their markdown reports, reducing the need for manual adjustments. Learners will explore the different options for presentation of output to stakeholders.

Learning objectives

Further your knowledge of R markdown

You will:

  • further understand the YAML header of a R Markdown document and how to specify parameters that the document will depend on;
  • use functional programming;
  • learn how to use the function(al)s map() and walk() from the package purrr to apply a function to the entries of a vector or a list. This will be useful when we read the data in and also to generate all the reports, one per continent, at once.
Further your coding skills
  • use conditional if-statements to add information to the report depending on the current parameters. ifelse statements are also used;
  • build on your ggplot2 skills by learning how to produce maps with statistical information in them;
  • get started with writing functions in R: you will be able to write a simple function;
  • learn how to present a table.

Course type

E learning – Available

Self learning – Not available

Face to face – Not available

Skill level

Intermediate R user.


To discuss booking this course for remote delivery, please contact the Data Science Campus Faculty.