The Art of the Possible

Classroom session

This is a 2-hour bite-sized taught course, aimed at Senior Managers (Grade 7 and above) across Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Government Statistical Service (GSS).

The course explores what data science is, and how and why it is being used across government. Through discussion, we look at the issues and challenges around building data science into teams, and look at ways of overcoming the challenges.

Through the showcasing of data science examples, we will also explore how others across government have used data science to improve outcomes.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • understand why data science is important for our work within government;
  • understand the opportunities and challenges facing government in terms of data science;
  • understand general views of how data science and analytics are revolutionising the way we process and analyse data; and
  • understand how to build data science capability within teams and across departments.
Method of Delivery

This is a 2-hour taught session, at the London, Newport and Titchfield ONS sites. We can travel to departments to deliver this session where there is enough resource.

Target audience

This is aimed at Senior Managers (Grade 7 and above) from across the ONS/GSS.

Event Length

Two hours

Cost and pre-requisites

This course is free to ONS and GSS staff. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course materials

The Art of the Possible – course slides

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